Marko KEA is one of the leading pallets and wooden package manufactures in Latvia. Founded in 1997 as a small company MARKO KEA has grown to the enterprise with more than 100 employees in two production sites in Latvia and Lithuania.

MARKO KEA operates European and Baltic market with 1 000 000 pallets a year.

We have more than 16 years experience in manufacturing and selling  wooden pallets and wooden packaging as well as wooden material either in Baltic States and whole European Union.

MARKO KEA specializes on producing all types of pallets, as well as standard and non-standard pallets. We are always ready to take a challenge and to produce any kind of pallet according to client's needs.



MARKO KEA company is well-known for: 

Just – in – time delivery
Quick and high – quality customer servicing
Good – quality production
Quality control
Individual approach to each client. 



Marko factory


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MARKO KEA SIA, Stopinu region, Lici LV-2118, Latvia, Ph.: +371 67148963, Fax: +371 67148962